What Is It Like For My Baby Being Born In Water?


We cannot know for sure what any baby’s birth feels like. However, champions of water birth believe that the transition to the outside world is less traumatic for babies who are born in water.

The idea is that the warm waters of the pool will feel like the waters of your uterus (womb) to your baby. Babies born in water are often calm, and cry less than babies born in air.

You may be worried that your baby will inhale water with his first breath if he is born in a birth pool. However, healthy babies do not take their first breath until nerves in their face, mouth and nose have been stimulated by contact with air and a change in temperature.

Babies born in water are protected by the dive reflex. Your baby will instinctively close his airway, stopping him from breathing in water.

Your doctor will also monitor your baby during your labour to make sure he or she is getting enough oxygen. There is no evidence that babies born in water suffer from breathing problems any more than babies born in air.

Experts believe that babies are only at risk of inhaling water if:

  • Their head is brought to the surface before the rest of their body is born, overriding their dive reflex.
  • Their oxygen supply via the placenta is affected in some way. Your doctor will guide you to make sure you don’t bring your baby’s head to the surface before the rest of his body is born. She will monitor your baby for any potential problems.

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