Know your Sinuses

1) What are sinuses?
Sinuses are air-filled spaces in your skullsurrounding the nose. There are 4 pairsof sinuses – one pair over the cheeks
(maxillary), in between the eyes
(ethmoidal), forehead (frontal) andthe last pair is located deep in the centreof the skull (sphenoidal). The sinuses areconnected and drained into the nasalcavity by small openings called ostia.
2) What are the functionsof sinuses?
The functions and purposes for thepresence of sinuses in the skull remainunknown. It is thought that air filledsinuses act as resonant organs makinghuman speech sounds better. Anothertheory is that air filled sinuses act as aprotective buffering zones during facialtrauma and help to protect the brainand other vital skull structures frominjuries.
3) What is Sinusitis?
Sinusitis occurs when there is aninflammation of the sinus lining asa result of the blockage of the sinusopenings or ostia. When the openingis blocked or closed, normal mucusdrainage from the sinuses is disruptedand this lead to inflammation andinfection of the sinuses
4) What cause Sinusitis?
Sinusitis can be caused by bacterial, viralinfections, foreign bodies, cancer aswell as structural deformity of the nosesuch as deviated septum of the nose.However, the most common causeof Sinusitis is ALLERGY. Allergic reaction occurs due to an over-exaggerated immune response by our body toharmless allergens that enter our bodyeither from the foods we eat or throughthe air we breathe. This reaction causesthe lining of the nose to swell up andblockage of the ostia causing poordrainage of the sinuses. As a result,secretions build up in the sinuses whichprovide an ideal medium for bacterialgrowth and pus formation.

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